New and Events


  •  The Collectors Dinner, Solo Private show, dinner and auction. Friday, August 18, 2019, Los Angeles, California *Limited Seating
  • Glass Vegas, January 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada 




The last few years have been quite a whirlwind of shows, events and competitions. I have been honored to win first place for being Most Creative at The Night of Boro, first place Peoples Choice at the CHAMPS Glass Games and have created beautiful collabs with Darby Holm, SALT, Mr. Gray, Jberry, Rob Morrison, David LaBrava, Whitney Harmon, Ethan Windy and many others.


Shared below are a few of my favorite moments from the shows and events I have done.


I would like to give a massive shout-out to Glass Vegas and the DFO Family Reunion. I had an amazing time at both shows this year and I can’t wait to come back again next year!


Thanks for looking and hopefully I will see you soon!



2019 Peoples Choice Award Winner - GlassVegas, World Series of Glass


2019 Peoples Choice Award Winner - Glass Vegas, World Series of Glass



Pipe Masters Collab 2016


PipeMasters Collab 2016



Champs 2016


Champs 2016 Summer Glass Games



Pipe Masters Collab 2015


Pipe Masters Collab 2015



Pipe Masters Collab 2015


Pipe Masters Collab 2015



Champs 2015


Champs 2015 Boro Derby




Champs 2015


Champs 2015 with Happy Daddy Products, Sly Vegas Photography, and Kottonmouth Kings



Night of Boro 2015


Night of Boro 2015 - My winning piece, voted Most Creative!


Dope Cup 2014


Dope Cup 2014 - My wife and I, nominated for Best Head Shop when we owned The Hollow.



Champs 2014


Champs 2014 My big check for winning 1st Place, People’s Choice.